Confirmation II


  Welcome to Confirmation II

Dear Confirmation II Candidates, Sponsors, and Families,

St. Margaret of Antioch Parish is honored to be chosen to bring you all to Confirmation. The following links bring you to the informatioin that will make the year go smoothly for us all.  Confirmation Mass will held the end of September following the retreat held in May. Plan to attend the sessions to grow toward the God we love with the guiding grace of the Holy Spirit.  

Candidates:  If you have been in the program, there are two things left to turn in.  Your letter to Fr. Silva, as described below, and the Certificate of Spoonsorship completed by your sponsor, are both due at the first class in January of this year.

If you are a Candidate joining us from a Catholic School:  Please Click here



             Meeting Dates


For Sponsors                                                                                                                              The Role of a Sponsor including ways to support your Candidate here at  St. Margaret.


  Certificate Of Sponsorship (Due January of Confirmation II year)


For Candidates                                                                                                                                 Choosing a Sponsor  

     Sponsor Form 


    Choosing a Confirmation Name

              Complete Confirmation Form                          


    Letter to Father Silva Due January Confirmation II year



Our text of choice this year continues to be Decision Point.  It is entirely online at Take a moment and look at this affirming, life changing program.


Fr. Jiwon Yoon is our Confirmation II Coordinator. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact him at: or 781-272-3111.

For problems with the website please contact:  Pat Harris, Director of Religious Education,, 781-272-5810.







The Retreat will be on Tuesday,
May 14, 2019,
5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
We do not have a date for Confirmation.  
It will be in September, 2019.

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