First Communion 2019

Information to help you through the process.

First Communion Information, 2018-19

           Fr. Silva would like everyone to consider choosing to have First Communion at any one of the Weekend Masses from April 18 until June 9.  Your entire family would have reserved seating in the front of the church.  Your child would process in with the Priest and be acknowledged during Mass.  No rehearsal necessary, just be at Mass 15 minutes before the start.  This would be a wonderful way to have the entire family together for this most grace-filled moment in your child’s life. 

         First Communion Masses will be held on April 27 and May 4 both at 9:30 AM.  This is your choice.  EMAIL ONLY your choice to me. First Come, First Serve.  Changes accepted through April 13, 2019. As of 2/27, we have 23 for May 4 and 16 for April 27.  Each group is capped at 30 so there is enough seating for everyone.

Rehearsal Schedules for First Eucharist

Everyone attends BOTH Rehearsals FOR THE DAY/TIME OF YOUR Mass

Meet in the Lower Church.  We start on time.

               If your Mass is April 27 at 9:30 am                     If your Mass is May 4 at 9:30 am

         Rehearsals are:                                                  Rehearsals are:

           Tuesday, April 23 at 3:45                                      Tuesday, April 30 at 3:45

           Thursday, April 25 at 3:45                                     Thursday, May 2 at 3:45     

They will be finished at 5:00 pm in the Church.

Please note:  Contact me by email if you cannot come to the rehearsal. No phone in the Church! We will have a Make-up on Thursday evening By Appointment Only.


Some common questions answered -

1.  What do we wear?

Girls still wear white – but feel free to break with tradition!

Boys wear a variety of things.  Slacks, white shirts and ties are popular.  Some wear khaki pants, some dark suits, some white suits. Some wear jackets, some wear white ties. (As you can see this is pretty open.)

       Please don’t feel you need to spend many dollars – create and follow your own family traditions.

            I have suits and several dresses hanging in the hallway across from the second-grade rooms and some by my office.  Please, if you can use them – they do need homes!

2.  Where do we sit?

            The children sit in the front.  The children have a very hard time seeing so the front gives them the “best seats in the house.”  Families are welcome to sit anywhere not reserved in the church on a first come, first serve basis.  If we have any children with special needs of any kind we do seat their families near them.  We also give special consideration to our Catechists as they have to help during the Mass.

3.  When do we arrive and other thoughts?

            The children need to be in the lower Church one-half hour before the Mass, at 9:00 AM.  They will process up and to their seats.  Absolute!  The priest will come down to talk to them and they need to be done with the Bathroom and ready to go when he does.

            Decide on sweaters and jackets at this time.  (Could be 92, 45, torrential rain, hurricane force winds, or perfect and beautiful!)  If it is very awful we will come up the inside stairs.  We practice this as part of the rehearsal.

Nothing is carried in the procession (for example, a purse or rosary beads).  You cannot receive communion with gloves on.

4. What about photographs at Mass?

            Chet Maguire of Fine Photography will be taking a photograph of each child as they make their First Communion.  No one needs to leave their seat to take pictures.  You are welcome to take pictures before, after, and as the children process in and out.  A link to your child's picture will be emailed to you.  

5. To practice: 

The best video explanation of how to receive Communion is at

Go to Mass. - Have the children come up with their arms folded across their chest every time you go to Communion at Mass.  They will see what everyone does.  Talk about how important this is – not just how pretty they look or how handsome they are – but how receiving Jesus is a precious moment for us all.

If the children do not go to Mass how will they know what to do at their First Communion?  How can they know the importance of what they are preparing for?  Please take them or ask members of your family who go to Mass to take them.  Please.






Our First Group!


Work on at Home

The Response:  The priest says:  The Lord be with you.                              We say:  And with your Spirit.

The Kyrie:  Lord, have mercy.             Lord, have mercy.                     Christ, have mercy.                   Christ, have mercy.                     Lord, have mercy.                       Lord, have mercy.

The Our Father

The Communion Prayer:  Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.

At Communion: 

The priest says:  The Body of Christ.

                 We Say:  AMEN.

On –line at   4 minute video on how to receive Communion correctly.

Contact me with any questions

Pat Harris 781-272-5810, reled@stmargaretburlington. org

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